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Our Aim

We in Happy Child Family Day Care provide quality home based care. Children are cared for in small ‘family’ groups in carefully supervised private homes.

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Our Mission

To provide High Quality Care for your children in a safe, secure and warm home environment.

Munch & Move in house professional development training for Educators

Munch & Move is NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children, promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time (e.g. watching TV or DVDs, playing on computers and small hand-held games devices).

NSW Health Promotion Service Officer have provided HCFDC with required resources and we have provided all our Educators Munch & Move training. The training aims to assist educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children. The Munch & Move program fits within the new National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.

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